Whether you like living in a vibrant modern city or are keen on rural towns with fascinating view and peaceful environment, 你会爱上这个国家的. 教学 English in South Korea will give you all the benefits a 外语教学 teacher would ever ask for. 一个好的薪水, 免费的机票, 免费住房, 旅行津贴, 健康保险, and the opportunity to enrich the lives of students who are eager to learn from you.


美国的一个指定赞助商.S. 文化交流项目, GEC is also proud to be one of the official partner organizations for EPIK program, 哪一个 allows GEC teachers to teach at public schools in South Korea. One of the most secure and beneficial teach abroad programs, EPIK (English Program in Korea) was established in 1995 and is affiliated with the Korean 最小值istry of Education. All EPIK teachers are employed by the Korean government.



  • 本地说英语的人
  • Passport holder from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand
  • 任何领域的学士学位
  • 最小值. 120小时外语教学/TESOL认证
  • 申请时年龄在22-50岁之间
  • 能够获得明确的背景调查
  • 能在国外生活至少一年


  • 已经获得了教育学位,
  • can provide confirmed full-time teaching experience of min 2 years


  • 这是一个非常安全的程序. All EPIK teachers are employed by the Korean government.
  • Placement in public elementary, middle or high schools where the main focus will be education.
  • 2.0 – 2.7毫升lion Won salary per month based on location and qualification.
  • 入职培训和在职支持.
  • 和一位韩国老师一起学习
  • 免费有家具的公寓
  • 机票报销.
  • 每周20-25学时
  • 每年26个工作日的带薪假期.
  • 医疗保险


申请EPIK课程可能非常复杂. 作为一个官方的U.S. EPIK计划的合作伙伴组织, GEC will guide you all through the steps from application to settling in Korea and starting to teach. Your GEC program consultant will often update you about the directives from EPIK center in Korea and be available for your questions at all times. We will serve you with a very strong automation software that provides everything goes smoothly. 您还将获得EPIK课程指南, a very comprehensive handbook for the EPIK program applications.

GEC团队成员将到机场迎接您. You will be provided with free accommodation for the evening. The next day we will introduce you to the education office. During the time you stay in South Korea, your GEC program consultant will be in touch with you.

日期 & 最后期限

South Kore has a rigorous education system aiming to produce globally competitive students. 与许多西方国家不同, academic year in South Korea begins in March and ends in February. 一学年分为两个学期. First semester (Spring) starts in March and ends in July. Second semester (Fall) starts again in August and ends in February.

季节 计划日期(合同) 申请的最后期限 如果你没有英语教学证书 如果你不需要英语教学证书
秋天 2020年8月至2021年8月 5月30日 5月30日前4 -6个月申请GEC 申请GEC的时间最少在5月30日前2个月
春天 2021年3月至2022年3月 11月15日 在11月15日前4 -6个月申请GEC 11月15日前2个月申请GEC



韩国是教师的天堂. 你不会花任何钱来付房租. Day to day living expenses in Korea are quite reasonable compared to western countries. Paying monthly utilities, buying food and other living expenses (transportation, socializing, etc.)都很实惠. You can get by on about 1,000,000 Won a month 哪一个 means you can save the rest! It’s important to note that you should bring enough cash to cover your first month of living expenses as you will probably not get your first paycheck until the end of your first month teaching. 如果你在首尔, 你建议买1美元左右,000美元作为预付费用, 而在其他城市,这可能更少.


Teachers in South Korea are provided with rent free studio apartments that serve as a bedroom, 居住面积, 和厨房, 带独立浴室. It is standard to receive an apartment furnished with a bed, 洗衣机, 煤气炉上, 冰箱, 空调, 和电视. 互联网, 电缆, 和公用事业, 包括气体, 水, 电费由房客支付, 哪一个 may cost between $70 to $150 USD per month. 通常要付住房押金, 哪一个, 在你合同的最后, will be refunded if the bills are paid and the apartment is not damaged. If you are a married couple, you will be provided with a one bedroom apartment. Couples who are not married are not allowed to live together.


  • 你应该灵活安排地点. Most teachers are placed to Korean public schools randomly by the EPIK program managers.
  • Foreign teachers are always accompanied by a co-teacher a school appointed Korean teacher who fills in the translation gaps.
  • You will have about 22-25 teaching hours per week but you are required to stay at school during office hours.
  • The number of students per class can range anywhere from 10 to 40 students.
  • 私教是违法的. 这可能会导致你的合同终止.


GEC has a large network of private schools in South Korea.
而EPIK计划有更多的好处, 私立学校的上课时间比较灵活, 需求和位置.
You may choose to teach in a vibrant big city, or different rural towns all over the country!
Whatever choice you make, you will have free accommodation and 免费的机票s.



公立学校(EPIK) 私立学校(补习)
基本条件 Bachelors degree, Native speaker, 外语教学 certificate, Background check Bachelors degree, Native speaker, 外语教学 certificate, Background check
选择性 非常挑剔 更少的选择
申请过程 & 规定 长和复杂的 更快和更容易
开始日期 一年有两个摄食季节. 秋天(八月),春天(三月) 灵活/全年灵活
位置 主要城市和农村地区 主要城市和农村地区
位置控制(偏好) 非常低/当局决定 你可以选择
班级规模 25-40 15
薪资范围 2.0 2.7毫升.获得/月 2.1 – 3.0万韩元/月
工作时间 40小时/周
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
教学时间 22小时/周 30小时/周
在校外籍教师人数 1-2 10-50
假期 18天+国家法定节假日 7-10天+国家节假日
  • 机票报销
  • 免费有家具的公寓
  • 健康保险
  • Severance bonus of one extra month’s pay after completing their 12-month contract.
  • 机票报销
  • 免费有家具的公寓
  • 健康保险
  • Severance bonus of one extra month’s pay after completing their 12-month contract.


Life time job placement assistance in Thailand, China and South Korea.
Upon successful completion of your contract, ask for a 外语教学 placement in any country GEC serves.



  1. Complete the online application form to provide details about your personal and professional profile.
  2. 一旦你的申请被评估和接受, you will be invited to participate in a telephone or Skype interview to discuss your application and your compatibility with our programs.
  3. We share your information with our partners in Thailand. We notify you the schools interested in hiring you or speaking with you by phone or Skype about a teaching position.
  4. We assist you for a legal working visa and residence permit application.
  5. We provide you a pre-departure orientation and help you with travel arrangements.
  6. 一旦你到达泰国, we will meet you at the airport and help you arrange temporary housing and meet your school manager.



GEC will help you get an online 外语教学 certificate with international accreditation.